Superfly Puppies

All of our dogs are raised and live in the house as family pets. To learn more about our aussies, visit their individual pages. We enjoy the versatile nature of the australian shepherd and strive to breed a dog with natural stock sense that can compete in a variety of venues.

We keep litter information on this website up-to-date. If you would like to be considered as a home for one of our puppies, please email me at and tell me about yourself and why you think an aussie is right for you. Our waitlist for our summer litter is currently full. Our next litter will be winter 2020.

We breed Australian Shepherds. The Miniature Australian Shepherd, North American Shepherd, North American Miniature Australian Shepherd, Miniature American Shepherd, and/or Toy Australian Shepherd breeds are not recognized as a variety of Australian Shepherd by ASCA. We consider such dogs to be a distinct and separate breed, which are not part of our program.


October 2017 – Sterling x Cerise

September 2017 – Lefty x Cocoa

August 2017 – Sterling x Mooshka (Arizona)

Autumn 2016 – Sterling x Izzy

Spring 2015 – Cocoa x Quinn