Superfly’s Just Ducky STDsdc

WTCH-X Sliding S Do or Die Superfly BN CD OFTDc AFTDs PATDs RNX RAX REX RMX DNA-VP/ CKC Ptd. H.A.s RN x WTCH Superfly’s Drop Red Gorgeous OFTDc AFTDs BN CD RS-O JS-O GS-O REX ADC


ASCA and CKC registered
Blue Merle W/ copper and white
DOB: October 4, 2017
Height: 19″
OFA: Hips Good/ Elbows Normal
Cardiac: Normal

CERF: October 2019
Dentition: Full



Ducky is the female we kept from our Sterling x Cerise litter. She has a very mischevious sense of humour, and is always up to something. Luckily she’s cuter than a bug’s ear, and has a bright future ahead of her! On Stock she has a strong natural circle and fetch. She likes to control the eye of her stock, though she is still an upright worker. She is a natural heeler on cattle, and is coming along quickly in the couple months I’ve been working her so far. I trialed her in started stock in June 2019, and she got all her started titles her first time out. Ducky is always up for having a good time, and likes long walks on the beach, jumping into the river, swimming endlessly in the current, and playing toys.