Superfly’s Just Ducky STDsdc DNA-CP

WTCH-X Sliding S Do or Die Superfly BN CD OFTDc AFTDs PATDs RNX RAX REX RMX DNA-VP/ CKC Ptd. H.A.s RN x WTCH Superfly’s Drop Red Gorgeous OFTDc AFTDs BN CD RS-O JS-O GS-O REX ADC


ASCA and CKC registered
Blue Merle W/ copper and white
DOB: October 4, 2017
Height: 19″
OFA: Hips Good/ Elbows Normal
Cardiac: Normal

CERF: October 2019
Dentition: Full

Carrier: CMR1

Ducky is the female we kept from our Sterling x Cerise litter. She has a very mischevious sense of humour, and is always up to something. Luckily she’s cuter than a bug’s ear, and has a bright future ahead of her! On Stock she has a strong natural circle and fetch. She likes to control the eye of her stock, though she is still an upright worker. She is a natural heeler on cattle, and will bite a head when necessary. I trialed her in started stock in June 2019, and she got all her started titles her first time out. Ducky is always up for having a good time, and likes long walks on the beach, jumping into the river, swimming endlessly in the current, and playing with toys. Ducky had her first litter in October 2021 with Cash.