Sterling x Cerise

WTCH Sliding S Do or Die Superfly ATD-Ms OFTDsc CD RAX RNX BN DNA-VP/ CKC Ptd. H.A.s RN


Superfly’s Drop Red Gorgeous STDsdc OFTDs BN RS-N JS-N GS-N ADC / CKC Ptd.


ASCA, AKC and CKC registered
Blue Merle, White & Copper trim
DOB: February 19, 2014
OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal
CERF: August 2016
Dentition: Full, scissors bite
Red Factored



ASCA, CKC registered
Red W/ White
DOB: February 7, 2015
OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal
CERF: August 2016
Dentition: Full, scissors bite



Pedigree for this breeding


Cerise had 5 puppies on October 4, 2017. 2 black males, 2 blue merle females, 1 red bi female. All puppies from this litter have been placed.

This breeding has a 10 Generation COI of 4.28%. Our goal in this breeding is to produce eager, intuitive stockdogs who can work both ends on cattle, as well as handle sheep and ducks with finesse, both on the farm and in the trial arena. We also seek to produce dogs who can excel in Agility, Obedience and other dog sports. Both parents are very loyal, owner focused dogs who are very willing to please. These puppies will be suitable for experienced, active homes, especially those wishing to pursue herding or performance sports. Puppies confirmed by ultrasound, due October 7, 2017. All colours possible. Puppies will be registered CKC, and eligible for ASCA and AKC registration. To inquire about this litter please email me at


About Sterling

Sterling is from a long line of proven stockdogs, his dam WTCH-X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs OFTDs ATDMcs ATDXs DNA-CP was 2013 and 2014 ASCA National Sheep Champion, and his older full sister WTCH-X Sliding S Land’s End Sure Shot PATDcs OFTDcs DNA-VP was the 2016 Supreme Champion Stockdog at ASCA stock finals. Sterling has a great work ethic and is always looking to please. At the 2016 ASCA Nationals he was high combined open dog in the National Stockdog trial and pretrial, as well as #7 Most Versatile Aussie. He has accomplished a lot for a young dog with limited trialing. He was born with an impeccable sense of group and a strong fetch, which allowed him to help with farm chores from a young age. He works cattle calmly, with power on both ends when appropriate. Here are a couples videos of Sterling working cattle locally this spring, his first experience dog breaking fresh cattle, and a couple months later working the same heifers in a large field.


He is easy to live with, relaxes when not on the job but always ready to get up and go. He has had two litters, his older puppies are showing natural talent in herding, as well as agility and obedience. To learn more about him Visit Sterling’s Page.


About Cerise

Cerise is from our very first litter here at Superfly Aussies, the “Redbug” Litter (WTCH CH Cocoa x WTCH Quinn). It was clearly from a very early age that she was going to be a precocious puppy. She was always waiting for me to come play. At 3.5 weeks she would take a Q-tip from me and hold it like a tiny dumbbell, at 4.5 weeks she would fetch a toy and bring it to me. By 8 weeks she had made it clear that she would not be going anywhere else, and so she didn’t.

Cerise is a very driven dog, and rarely requires external motivation to get to work. She loves to work stock, and balances her speed with bidability. She has a nice circle and sense of group on stock. She is still a beginner cattle dog, but she is not afraid to walk into heads and has a very strong fetch on cattle. She has a great wearing style when working cows, which keeps them moving without stirring the pot. She works ducks and sheep eagerly, and is progressing in her driving work. I will be trialing her in Open stock in the 2018 trial year. Here is a video of Cerise working cattle this spring, not long after I started her on cattle in California.

In agility she has great obstacle commitment, and is naturally able to work at a distance from me. Weaves and contacts came easy to her (lucky for me, a novice agility trainer), and she has done well at the few trials she’s been entered in. In obedience she has a natural heads-up heeling style that required little training on my part, and she is very attentive to verbal and physical cues. Treats, toys, and praise/play are all acceptable rewards in her books, as long as we get to do stuff! Cerise’s siblings are training and competing in herding, agility, obedience, rally, flyball and dock diving. To learn more about Cerise, visit her page.