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Justus & the Mighty Quinn OTDcds JS-N GS-N RNX
14 Sep 2008
E163025 DN22533701 AS-27304G24M-VPI Red W F=6.23%
WTCH Temptations Tidal Wave DNA-CP
18 Apr 1997
E92113 DL68443606 AS-13327G25M-T Red C/W F=17.37%
WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP
29 Sep 1990
E49383 DL50593002 AS-6294G24M Red Merle C/W F=19.08%
Crown Point Kemo Sabe
13 Apr 1987
E30457 A73763-8887 AS-4510G33M Blue C/W RF F=7.01%
WTCH Ch The Hawk of Las Rocosa CD RDg
11 Mar 1984 E19396 DL55859401 A62724-89244 AS-3141G36M Red Merle C/W F=27.84%
Crownpoint Tarcoola Blue RD STDc OTDds
15 Aug 1985 E23980 DL50919801 AS-4882G61F Blue C/W F=4.81%
Crown Point Kk Khyan
10 Sep 1987
E32144 DL50709701 AS-4519F28F Red Merle C/W F=13.32%
WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
10 Mar 1984 E19118 DL49596502 AS-3024 Red Merle C/W RF F=41.79%
Crownpoints Just-A-Bear
22 Jan 1985 E23168 A669298-X-195 AS-3200G27F Red C/W F=6.46%
VCH WTCH Ch Spring Fevers Jitterbug CDX
30 Apr 1989
E40467 DL48234401 AS-5391G25F Red C/W F=3.99%
WTCH Ch The Hawk of Las Rocosa CD RDg
11 Mar 1984
E19396 DL55859401 A62724-89244 AS-3141G36M Red Merle C/W F=27.84%
Las Rocosa Lester CSD
03 Jan 1975 E927 A27546-77Y7 Red Merle C/W F=35.40%
Ch Fancy Fan Fair of Las Rocosa STDc
27 Nov 1981 E10339 Red Merle W F=18.37%
VCH Ch Spring Fever Mollie Rock CDX OTDcs ATDd
26 Jun 1986
E26701 DL48234801 AS-3693G24F Black C/W RF F=1.13%
WTCH Slash V Rock Slide CD
18 Feb 1985 E22645 Red Merle W F=3.28%
WTCH Ch Brushwood Bonnie Kye CD
30 May 1984 E18648 DL47421901 AS-3534F43F Black C/W F=0.94%
Justus One Tuff Cookie DNA-VP
09 Jul 2000
E110915 DL84772102 AS-17422G26F-PI Red Merle W F=3.22%
WTCH 45 Ranch Bull Tuff RTDs DNA-VP
13 Oct 1990
E50507 DL48508103 AS-7547G41M Blue W RF F=2.52%
WTCH The Bull of Twin Oaks CD RTDcs RDX DNA-VP
15 Jun 1986
E27663 DL45688501 AS-3736E25M Blue C/W RF F=12.96%
WTCH The Bear of Twin Oaks CD DNA-CP
20 Apr 1980 E5890 AS-1946G Blue C/W RF F=20.00%
WTCH Twin Oaks Poky Cody STDs OTDcd DNA-CP
02 Dec 1980 E8555 AS-3623G89F Blue C/W RF F=5.13%
WTCH Windsongs Rip Rap DNA-CP
16 Apr 1988
E34792 DL45879601 AS-4688G24F Blue W F=1.43%
WTCH Little Spots Speckled Image
11 Oct 1985 E26892 AS-3357G24M Blue W F=4.94%
WTCH Windsongs City Rhythm
07 Aug 1979 E5079 AS-1550 Blue C/W F=0.16%
WTCH Justus N Katie McCain RTDs DNA-VP
21 May 1993
E61902 DL49711801 AS-8670F24F-T Red W F=0.84%
WTCH Bar LW Inspired Blue RTDc DNA-CP
30 Nov 1987
E34375 DL55402601 AS-4449F24M Red Merle C/W RF F=19.10%
WTCH Crownpoint Inspirator Bar Lw RDX
20 Feb 1986 E26003 DL55402801 AS-3660F27M Red C/W F=13.89%
Bar LW Tequila Sunrise STDc
15 Jan 1986 E26336 AS-4954G58F Red Merle C/W RF F=17.85%
WTCH Justus N Lucy McCain CDX RDX DNA-CP
18 Apr 1986
E26820 DL40778302 AS-3633G24F Black W RF F=0.60%
WTCH Ch Windsongs Raisin Cain CD
17 Jun 1976 E1537 AS-842 Red Merle C/W F=0.00%
WTCH Parrishs Illusion CD
03 Feb 1980 E5287 A42642-87140 AS-1755 Blue W F=0.67%
Risk'n Hopes Chocolate Kiss
29 Jun 2010
XL359829 Red C/W F=8.19%
Ch Shawndals Got Nothin' To Lose STDcs RN-cl CGN
28 Mar 2005
E143372 RE016169 AS-23825G29M-PI Black C/W F=10.50%
Shawndals In A Jiffy
08 May 2002
E125067 MJ805193 AS-20248E31M-PI Red Merle F=9.01%
Ch Blue Isle the Criticsareraving STDd DNA-CP
10 Feb 1999
E101104 DL77601904 1068358 AS-15724E25M-PI Red C/W F=11.20%
Ch Carolinas Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
07 Sep 1996 E85219 DL66169101 AS-12409G25M-T Red C/W F=18.18%
Ch Friends Angel
31 Jul 1994 E70977 DL54516405 AS-11272E38F Red Merle C/W F=15.03%
Roxeetops Misty Blue Burban
11 Apr 1996
FG345637 AS-11963E24F-T Blue C/W RF F=23.06%
Snowbounds Blue Point Bic
CS212042 RF F=8.55%
Caitlands Renegade Heart
22 Jan 1994 CA149691 AS-10711G37F-T Red C/W F=13.83%
Windseers Candee Kiss
08 Mar 2000
E112363 KE653285 AS-17021G26F-PI Black C/W F=9.63%
Caitlands Code of the West
03 Jan 1997
E90000 DL84092501 GA420555 AS-13401G29M-T Black C/W F=11.33%
Ch Windogos Wild Wild West DNA-CP
07 Aug 1991 E51268 DL42964201 AS-6993G24M Black C/W F=5.46%
Caitland Boot Scoot'n Boogie
05 May 1995 E73758 DL66870101 EJ258910 AS-11021G25F-T Blue C/W F=5.90%
Chinookridge Bonnie Blue Lass
04 Dec 1995
EY312419 AS-13213E41F-T Blue C/W F=9.83%
Caitlands Pure Country
CA138149 RF F=13.83%
Mattie Marvelous
13 Apr 1992 E57196 1053987 AS-8194G31F-T Blue RF F=2.80%
Sheeps Kin Spectaculr Vantage
04 Oct 2003
E131614 NU912373 AS-21508F24F-PI Blue C/W F=15.43%
Ch Sheeps Kin Prairie Thunder
25 Dec 2001
E119696 DN10664801 LY771362 Red C/W F=9.87%
Bootez Elmden Pryz Sheeps Kin
10 Apr 1996
E84963 DL75357401 Red C/W F=5.45%
Ch Windy Farms Hotshot
15 Jun 1991 E51939 DL41647704 1052479 Red C/W F=13.90%
Bootezs Priceless Annteak
13 May 1992 AJ130461 AS-8135G29F-T Red C/W F=4.42%
Koala-T Prairie Sunset
29 Jun 1999
E104974 1070319 Red Merle C/W F=13.72%
Ch Merribrooks Pickup Man DNA-CP
29 Jan 1996 E81379 DL63620004 AS-11748G24M-T Blue C/W RF F=12.45%
Moonlights Laredo Roper
11 Mar 1994 DL52322708 AS-9707G25F Red F=9.34%
Sheeps Kin Tapestry Silk
26 Mar 2000
E109859 KE648087 Blue C/W RF F=11.21%
Ch Heavensent Firestorm
13 Dec 1997
E93321 DL73266810 AS-14453G28M-T Red Merle C/W F=9.24%
Toppers Continental
13 Nov 1994 DL55596304 AS-10565G24M Blue RF F=14.62%
Spring Fever Autumn Lady
05 Apr 1993 DL50858502 Red C/W F=5.28%
Can Ch Sheeps Kin Caught You Lookin
11 Jan 1998
E94684 HA482124 Black C/W RF F=12.21%
Bootez Elmden Pryz Sheeps Kin
10 Apr 1996 E84963 DL75357401 Red C/W F=5.45%
Ch Morghanas Next of Kin
17 Feb 1996 E80014 DL62830303 Black C/W F=21.24%
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