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Caitland Do U Feel Lucky Punk?
(F) 07 Jul 2011, YN432288 , F=7.54%
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Sonrise Run For The Roses
10 Jun 2007
DN18142105 1108147 AS-25796G24M-VPI Red Merle C/W F=15.51%
Briar Cliff Headliner
29 Apr 2005
DN10710707 AS-24128G32M-NOPI Black RF F=15.71%
Ch Gefions Herald DNA-CP
22 Oct 1999
HIII1815 DL82773902 AS-19246G52M-PI Blue C/W F=15.35%
Dk Ch Cossack Citation At Gefion
26 Oct 1998
DL76705304 DK17526/2001 Blue C/W RF F=15.79%
Gefions Temujin
19 Oct 1996 DL66179502 Black C/W RF F=11.29%
Ch Cossacks Pop the Cork
29 Aug 1996 E85169 DL65207401 AS-13246G32F-T Blue C/W F=13.66%
Ch Gefions Ohtobe Oughtobe
26 Aug 1996
DL66004101 AS-13282G32F-T Black C/W RF F=13.74%
Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
06 Nov 1991 E53124 DL44364201 AS-7282E24M-T Red Merle C/W F=15.64%
Gefions Ohtobe Audacious
14 May 1994 DL53650701 AS-11022G37F Blue C/W F=12.87%
Ch Hemlocks Customjewel@briarhil DNA-VP
29 Jan 2001
E115999 DL87001702 AS-18391G28F-PI Black C/W RF F=13.89%
Ch Heatherhills Logan Express DNA-CP
01 Jun 1996
E84882 DL64679601 AS-12549G27M-T Black C/W RF F=14.12%
Ch Bayshores Pequenos Keebleros
18 Jun 1988 E36537 DL41441101 AS-4998E29F Blue C/W F=12.69%
Radiance of Heatherhill
14 Aug 1989 E41420 DL40945101 AS-5499E24F Red Merle C/W F=10.24%
Laurics Gabriell At Cossack
29 Jul 1997
E93070 DL72207001 AS-15247G39F-T Black C/W RF F=15.96%
Ch Moonlights Best Bib&tucker DNA-CP
17 Mar 1994 E67539 DL52301905 AS-9478G24M Black C/W F=13.82%
Bayshores You Go Girl
10 Jan 1995 E77083 DL56514304 AS-10712G26F Black C/W RF F=23.32%
Ch Bayshores Sunday Brunch
16 Feb 2002
DL90590502 AS-19170E24F-PI Blue C/W RF F=17.25%
Ch Blue Isle Dancin On Fayblehill DNA-CP
29 May 1998
E96383 DL74457405 AS-14671E24M-T Blue C/W RF F=16.74%
Ch Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rios CD DNA-CP
19 Jul 1990
E46726 DL43905801 AS-6257G26M-T Black C/W RF F=19.33%
Famous Amos of Tres Rios
16 Sep 1988 E39816 DL44087102 AS-4994F26M Red Merle C/W F=12.28%
Ch Brigadoons Dressed In Velvet CD
14 Oct 1985 E29015 DL44583401 AS-3396E25F Black C/W RF F=11.02%
Ch Friends Blue Country DNA-CP
31 Jul 1994
E70979 DL54516403 AS-11273E38F Blue C/W RF F=15.03%
Ch The Man From Heatherhill
30 Nov 1991 E54314 DL42601103 AS-7673G29M Black C/W RF F=14.88%
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill
29 Nov 1990 E48435 DL49879401 AS-6482G24F Red Merle C/W F=12.97%
Ch Threepines B'gosh of Bayshore
21 Apr 1999
E105078 DL79471501 AS-15796G24F-PI Black C/W F=21.90%
Ch Paradox Propaganda
26 Jul 1996
E83123 DL64755204 AS-12266G24M-T Black C/W RF F=16.49%
Ch Heatherhill You Talk Too Much
14 Aug 1993 E64368 DL50069502 AS-9008G25M Blue C/W F=15.05%
Ch Paradox Propwash Then Again
09 Feb 1995 E74355 DL57235805 AS-11031E29F-T Black C/W F=24.11%
Ch Bayshores Bit-O-Honey
08 Dec 1995
DL61448703 AS-11893F28F-T Blue C/W F=19.33%
Ch Briarbrooks Case In Point
28 May 1994 E76021 DL53445301 AS-10415G31M-T Blue C/W F=20.13%
Ch Bayshore Propwash Lollipop
01 Aug 1993 E73807 DL49412901 AS-9025G25F Black C/W RF F=18.87%
Caitland Double The Dare DNA-VP
03 Oct 2005
E149266 RU049122 Black C/W F=5.56%
Spring Fevers Walk About OTDd STDsc DNA-CP
15 Feb 2000
E108165 DL83520607 1080407 AS-17769G30M-PI Red W F=3.53%
VCH WTCH Ch Gabrielinos Charlie Chaplin PATDc GS-O JS-O RS-O DNA-VP
04 Apr 1993
E60629 DL82279701 AS-8547G24M Black W RF F=13.45%
Ch Casa Buena Cadillac Jack STDc OTDds DNA-CP
08 Dec 1988
E38483 DL44599602 AS-5388G29M-T Red Merle W F=4.48%
WTCH Powder River Motown Slick
11 Nov 1986 E28717 AS-3905G24M Blue W RF F=2.95%
Las Rocosa Poco Lena ATDds OTDc
29 Mar 1985 E23331 Red Merle C/W F=47.95%
WTCH Gabrielinos Gloria CD RDg DNA-CP
17 May 1988
E36318 AS-4760G25F Black C/W RF F=1.60%
WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
10 Mar 1984 E19118 DL49596502 AS-3024 Red Merle C/W RF F=41.79%
Ch Gabrielinos Song Ofthe Lorelei CD STDd
12 Apr 1984 E19673 AS-2931 Black C/W F=7.30%
WTCH Ch Spring Fevers Whoopi Gal
23 Feb 1994
E68070 DL54498301 AS-9750G27F Black C/W RF F=11.40%
WTCH Gold Nuggets Contender CD DNA-CP
01 Dec 1990
E48598 DL39307402 AS-6487G25M Black C/W RF F=12.44%
Ch Propwash St. Elmos Fire
22 Aug 1989 E42432 DL40560501 AS-5742F29M-T Red Merle C/W F=12.60%
Ch Flatlands Lisa of Gold Nugget TD
04 Feb 1987 E29247 DL39307101 AS-5108G48F Blue C/W F=19.03%
Spring Fever Jazz Minn
19 May 1991
E53678 DL40962105 AS-6890G24F Blue C/W RF F=10.24%
SVCH WTCH Ch Gitalongs Half Cocked UD DNA-CP
27 Apr 1988 E34584 DL40539001 AS-4648G24M Blue C/W RF F=5.35%
WTCH Ch Spring Fevers Contessa
01 Jan 1989 E38164 DL48105101 AS-5017G24F-T Blue C/W F=7.96%
Caitlands Double the Trouble
14 Jan 2003
E127530 NA883684 Blue C/W F=6.20%
WTCH Ch Indian Run Blackhawk Bayley DNA-CP
24 Mar 1996
E81594 DL62772003 AS-12434G29M Blue C/W RF F=1.77%
WTCH Windsongs Falcon RTDcs DNA-CP
27 Jan 1987
E29416 DL47746101 AS-4099F26M Blue C/W RF F=8.24%
WTCH Windsongs Hurrah Cain CD DNA-CP
23 Feb 1981 E7860 AS-1897 Blue C/W RF F=12.55%
Deharos Mijha OTDds ATDc
08 Jan 1985 E23559 Black C/W F=2.80%
VCH WTCH Ch Indian Run Snoqualmie CDX RTDs DNA-CP
09 Feb 1989
E38285 DL39063601 AS-5109E24F Blue C/W RF F=13.31%
Ch Indian Runs Charlie Longrifle CDX STDds
08 Nov 1984 E21195 DL39063001 AS-3089G26M-T Blue C/W F=9.63%
Quatro K Bonanza of Indian Run CD STDds
18 Oct 1986 E28987 DL39815201 AS-3897E25F-T Black C/W RF F=15.95%
Caitland Deuces Wild
03 Jan 1997
DL85488601 GA409938 AS-14697E41F-T Black C/W F=11.33%
Ch Windogos Wild Wild West DNA-CP
07 Aug 1991
E51268 DL42964201 AS-6993G24M Black C/W F=5.46%
Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD
19 Jun 1984 E19509 AS-2924 Blue C/W RF F=0.82%
Ch Windogos Southern Belle
31 May 1987 E30440 DL41445901 AS-4159E25F Blue C/W RF F=1.50%
Caitland Boot Scoot'n Boogie
05 May 1995
E73758 DL66870101 EJ258910 AS-11021G25F-T Blue C/W F=5.90%
Ch Fvf Merci Beau Blue
12 Aug 1986 E28671 1052064 AS-3779G25M Blue C/W RF F=4.45%
Powerpaks Western Rendezvous CD
02 Mar 1991 E51703 1049282 AS-7073G29F Black C/W RF F=10.97%
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